Friday, 18 March 2016

Books I Couldn't Finish

I might make this a continuous list because it often comes up. I do try to finish the books I read and give them every opportunity to prove themselves. But since leaving school and only reading for pleasure, the quality of books is becoming more important, not just the quantity.

This is a list of books that I have not been able to force myself to finish. I'll put the reasons below, but more than anything I just lose interest in the story. It is rarely because I hate the writing style, because I'd have put it back down immediately; if I can't get behind the style. It's a short list because I really try to finish all of the books I pick up. These are examples of the ones that I could not get on with.

One Hundred Years Of Solitude.
I've already written a review here but this is definitely on the top of my list for number one book I've given up on without regrets. There is no need to finish this book, my life is even improved for having put it down. Someone reviewed it and called it Dali in words... I mean, it was weird, but at least I can keep looking at Dali. I'd had enough of this book almost immediately when I realised it was going no where.

There Will Be Lies
This is teen fiction and the kind of thing that I imagine would have been amazing when I was younger but I lost interest fairly quickly. The narrator is done in the voice of the teenager and she is a modern teenager. I felt like I was cringing a fair bit at the style because of the characters voice. fair play to the author, who is a grown man, who managed to capture the brainless self absorption of a teenage girl.

Maggot Moon
UGH. Just who cares. It started as an easy read and just got weird and I lost interest really close to the end. If you're reading with a wrinkled up nose, PUT IT DOWN.

Now this is a little different, I'd like to finish Umbrella at some point but its a holiday read, a relaxed read and I feel like I need to curl up somewhere with leather chairs to enjoy it. Banking on a mini break at some point. Hint Hint.

What books did you give up on?

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  1. Wolf Hall, written in the present tense and incredibly boring.