Thursday, 14 June 2018

February Reviews

The Charmed Life of Alex Moore
Molly Flat
Pan macmillan May 2018 paperback
Uncorrected Proof from work

Unfortunately, I agree with the three reviews on Goodreads - 1 star. The story is complete fantasy but not handled in a way that would make the reader believe it. It's like Inside Out but externalised and for adults. I think the closest description of the genre is magical realism, but to be honest, that's a bit insulting to magical realism as well.
There are too many moments where the characters don't know what is happening and neither does the reader. Those unknown "What the fuck" pages are not really enough to keep the attention of the readers. The confusion is all explained and theorised out in the end, but it is disappointing. The writing is good and readable, it's the story that I'm against.
The romantic story line is seemingly unimportant, until the end when apparently it is the only burning goal of the character. It doesn't make sense. I was not a fan.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

January Reviews

The Travelling Cat Chronicles
Hiro Arikawa
Doubleday Nov 2017 Paperback

This book is exquisite and an absolute joy to read. Anyone who has ever seen a cat and its owner interact is likely to understand the inner monologue that Arikawa describes for our feline hero. There is something of 'The Cat that Walked By Himself' by Kipling in it. It is a very very catlike voice that we discover the story of his owner.
As well as the cat, as well as his owner and friend, this is also a road trip book. The travel across Japan is reflected in the slowly emerging plot. Its a really heart warming story and surprised me with its sophisticated ideas and the tale it follows.
I think its a really special book and is a great gift for the cat lovers in your life. Having read it just after Christmas I immediately gave it away to someone else. It's special enough you kind of need everyone to read it.