Friday, 19 July 2013

New Poem

I've been feeling inspired recently. Largely with the help of reading more poetry, fantastic inspiring poetry. I have found that my writing usually relates to a real life experience. I love that because it means that every poem reminds me of a time or person in my life that is important. But I have a better appreciation for the 'imagined' side of poetry.

Still I'm not there yet, so here is my first poem in a while. 'Falling' it's the quiet feeling of falling asleep and falling in love.

Behind black-out blinds
The motorway growls in the night.
The blue and red flicker of an emergency 
draw an outline of you.

I hand you my book
with the page bent down
and you take a final leaning step
into bed.

I say goodnight 
with a kiss on your half-found mouth.