Saturday, 28 February 2015

Fabulous February Reviews

An Echo In The Bone
Diana Gabaldon
Orion 30/9/10 Paperback
Christmas Present

Another book in the brilliant series. This time I had the added enthusiasm that a new TV series has started following the story from the beginning. I love these books. As a hooked reader, anything that Diana writes will be eagerly lapped up. AND she appeared in the TV series with a little cameo role, which tickled me into a fan-girlish frenzy.
The book is another fantastic epic with as many twists and turns as I always expect. I had less patience for the history in this book than earlier ones. I was drawn to the mystical hills of Scotland and although we got a little it was twenty first century following Bree, Roger and their children.
I struggled with the age of the characters as well. It is just as well the Bree and Roger are involved in this story, plus Will and his story line because Claire and Jamie are becoming distinctly aged.
They are my romantic powerhouse, and they are increasingly closer to death which just depresses me. However the descriptions and the writing are powerful enough to make me believe the development of the characters I love so much. Either way. Fascinating, Brilliant and I look forward to the next one.

Maggot Moon
Sally Gardner
Hot Key Books 3/8/12 Hardback
Book Haul

Well. I never finished it, I got pretty close, but eventually the lure of other, better books made me put it down. It's redeeming qualities came from the almost clockwork orange style of writing, and the premise of a different world.
I don't have much else to say on this one. I didn't love it, I wouldn't pick it up again. But I would recommend it to children, 12+.

The Secret Garden
Frances Hodgson Burnett
Scholastic 21/11/13 Paperback
Book Haul

I have seen the film, and listened to the audio tape of this book many times. I am so pleased to read it with those Yorkshire voices in my head. I might not have enjoyed reading the dialectic style so much with out it.
The story is incredible, obviously. And the earliest book that I've read that is aimed at children, there is such a joyfully simple story and writing style that I cannot help but enjoy it. I could read this allowed to children and feel just as disappointed when it was time to stop at the next chapter and go to sleep.
I know it is wrong to compare books, but this is a fantastic children's book. Maggot Moon is nothing on this one. Yes it's a children's book, but I FEEL too adult. Where as The Secret Garden has swept me up in it's magic. A brilliant book and a great end to Feb.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Apologetic Poem

It's Apologetic because I'm sorry I didn't post it last week. Double posts this week! I've been really ill recently with a horrible cold that has stalled my blogging libido. I am still fighting the cold but one of the best cures for the common cold is fruit and water.

So here is my poem my ode to the organic blood orange from Abel and Cole that got me through my cold last week.

Ode To a Blood Orange
O Orange, your sweetness is a lure.
Your cool roundness fills my palm as I pluck you from the bowl, gasping anticipation.
Do I detect a blush?
I would cut you in a lust for vitamin c-

Bleed all over me.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Finding a job is a full time job.

Job hunting? Is it taking over your life? No time to apply because of full time job?

Well, I hear this all the time. Finding a job is a full time job, if you are applying with blanket applications. Something I've found is that when you REALLY want a particular job then the application process is easy, you buzz through a cover letter with enthusiasm and perk up your CV.

The full time slog comes when you just need anything. So my biggest piece of advice for job seekers is cherry pick very carefully and get excited about every job application. You know it's the right one for you if you are already thinking of interview research you'd like to look at from the company.

I'd advise persistence and multiple applications when going for internships, but not for real jobs. (It doesn't cut it and it's really obvious.) If you do not have a job already, then you have the time to apply well. NO EXCUSES.

Many of my graduate friends had lamented to me that looking for a job is so time consuming they can't fit it into their daily lives. Now comes the decision then. Do I stay where I am until my next job falls into my lap/I get promoted? OR do I "Get the fear" and quit my job without a new job offer and dedicate the next month to finding something.

Now, sometimes the fear is a great motivator, but that's a huge risk depending on your circumstances. Can you pay your rent without an income for how ever long it takes to find a job? Do you have a back up plan if everything fails. It's generally pretty good practice to make sure your back up plan is less preferable than your current situation otherwise you could find yourself at your parent's door looking for a cushy hand out. (No one likes that guy.)  Make sure you can quit safely.

Unfortunately the sad truth is that you CAN make time. When I was job hunting the biggest piece of tough love I got was "Stop whining, have you really got no time? are you really pushing hard enough? Get on with it." And they were totally right, I wasn't. I was discouraged and was ignoring job emails.

Work ethic is such an important thing to value. I realised that something I always found attractive in people is their approach to work. Find that work ethic in your self and it will make you happier because at least you are trying!

Inject yourself with a new boost of enthusiasm and I promise job hunting will get easier.