Thursday, 2 August 2018

April Reviews

C.J. Sansom
Pan Macmillan Sept 2015 Paperback
Borrowed from work

I think it is the mark of a good author is the ability to write a series but each book is able to stand alone. C.J. Sansom has absolutely nailed this with the Shardlake series. I was lent Lamentation by someone at work and even though it is quite far along in the series at no point was I lost in the mire of a back story. It was clear that the characters had history, but this was addressed and referenced in a way that did not detract from the narrative.
If historical crime is your thing, these are a brilliant set of books to pick up. Also if you're interested in any aspect of lawyering, as that is the occupation of the main character.
I've always enjoyed this time period, the Tudors are a huge part of history and lends its self to stories. As well as political and courtly drama, it's a well documented time. This means that historians have a lot to work with, and C.J, Sansom is actually a historian, which means he has really done his research!
Although I really enjoyed the fast paced story line and the subject matter, as well as the historical period it was set in, I do not feel the need to read the whole series. Its great as a stand alone, but it isn't really the genre for me. Plus, they're all really long!