Friday, 15 June 2012

BLOG EXTRA Harper Collins UK's Book A Day PART ONE

My Answers to #bookaday

1) Favourite book from childhood
I may not have had her powers. But Matilda made me see that all reader's are special. 

2) Best Bargain
I have a beautiful hardback edition from Bloomsbury which I got for free! Definitely the best bargain. 

3) One with a blue cover 
I read this in a day! I absolutely loved it so much I have handed it off as a gift for a friend. 

4) Least favourite book by a favourite author (Istanbul, Orhan Pamuk)
I quite enjoyed Snow and Red but this wasn't my cup of tea, maybe I'll try again....

5) Doesn't belong to me 
I stole this from my fifth form common room. #noguilt

6)The one I always give as a gift
I loved this memoir and it is perfect for all my university friends in the same boat. 

7)Forgot I owned it
I found this when I was reorganising my bookshelves. Very interesting book. I never finished it but I think I will now! TBR.

8)Jane Eyre
I actually have three copies of this. Because uni demanded that I have the right edition. so then I had two, but I got the wrong edition again. ISBN fail. 

9) Film or TV tie in. 
I absolutely love the book and the TV series of this book. But if I'm honest, I prefer the TV series.

10) Reminds me of someone I love
I met my boyfriend 6 years ago this month. Diana Gabaldon helped me find my Jamie Fraser. #happyanniversary

11) Second hand bookshop Gem
£2 from a bookshop in Hammersmith. I love Will Self's writing after hearing him multiple times on the radio and at readings. Also, it is totally mental. I might read this again actually. 

12) Book I pretend I have read
This book literally weighs a kilo and is impossible to read. Still my best essay mark at Uni...

13) One that makes me laugh
A must read, as a child and as an adult. 

14) An old favourite
This is a Debut Novel! amazing story, recently made into a very disturbing but well executed film. 

15) Favourite fictional father
Very cliched and everyone chose this or Atticus Finch. But come there a better dad?

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