Friday, 29 June 2012

BLOG EXTRA Harper Collins Book A Day Answers PART TWO

16) I can't believe more people haven't read
The first, best, and longest detective story in the world. 

17)Future Classic  I couldn't think of anything for this answer.

18)Bought on a recommendation

19) Still can't stop talking about it.
The source of much heated discussion at chez Traher/Leigh

20)Favourite Cover
I think it speaks for itself.

21)Summer Read
Best crime trilogy ever! Set in Saudi, the descriptions of the heat was amamamazing

22)Out of Print - I don't own anything out of print. 

23)Made to Read at School 
I didn't mind this book, but now after revisiting it. I hate it. 

24)Hooked me into Reading
A brilliant book full of fantastic illustrations by the author. When ever I am on an adventure, I smell cinnamon on the wind and I know it's Captain Bluebear.

25)Never Finished it
Impossible. but great to dip in and out of.

26)Should have sold more copies 

27)Want to be one of the characters 
I loved all of these stories. But looking back at them now, I think they were very simple books. but a beautiful little story and I love that idea of getting back to the simple life. 

28)Bought at my fave independent bookshop 

I loved this book, I think it is due for a new read. 

29)The one I have reread most often 
The Switchers series. I could read these again now. a fantastic children's series that will keep kids busy for a while. 

30) Would save if my house burned down. 
My copy of the first Outlander book. The spine has broken 

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