Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Alphabet in Books - B

I've decided to make this an Advent Calendar! I hope I've read enough books!

What is your B in your alphabet in books? Join in in the comments or on twitter.

B is for Birds Without Wings

This is my review first posted in July Reviews - Revisiting Turkey

Birds Without Wings
Louis De BernieresPenguin 4/7/155/5Birthday haul

After the first time I read this book, I'm sure that I thought I didn't need to read it again. I was a little young to appreciate how great it is. I think as a younger reader I tried to rush through much of the story because I wasn't able to wrap my brain around the full picture of this narrative from different times and different view points.

Again another book based in Turkey, there was a nostalgia that I had reading this book for the village life. I love the picture that's painted because it feels so accurate. As my family might be leaving Turkey in the next 5 years, the situation is making me very appreciative of the life that I have lived there. I would love to read more books set in and about Turkey and Istanbul because it keeps me in touch with the place I grew up.

It's a gorgeously written book and had a big impact on me this time around.

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