Thursday, 12 March 2015


Dear Georgia,

Well, it doesn't work out with X. I can tell you that, but you do still end up friends, so that's really good news. You take each other out for lunch every year to catch up.

What advice can I give you... Everyone who you do fall in love with is worth it. Except XXX, he's not worth it, but is still lovely.

You break two hearts. You b*tch. They both break yours too.

Make your mistakes, you're going to have the best gap year you can imagine. You will travel, but not too much. Make the most out of London, it's the best place in the whole world.

Experiment as much as you can in that year. It's going to be incredible and you can enjoy every thing at the time. You'll regret some of it, but the experience will change you forever and for the better, don't be scared to try everything you want to. I know you'll be sensible with what you choose to try and what you politely decline.

Listen to your sister, she's always right and she cares about you, she doesn't mean to hurt your feelings. Yes it still hurts when she says things to you, even now. Try to listen without being offended.

Hang on to dancing. Get good, really good. Compete if you can.

You are in the best shape of your life right now, and the next few years, remember how good it feels to be this strong and keep it up. Dancing will help with that, but it's an expensive gym so you might as well stay in as good shape as you can. Stop being lazy.

Spend your time READING you can't imagine how much time you have right now, stop day dreaming and trying to impress your best friend. You will impress everyone much more if you have actually read all the books you want to. Book people are sexy, really sexy.

Try to get jobs that involve books, every little helps for your CV and you'll appreciate the experience later.

I can't really remember what you were into back then...So I guess it's not that important.

Read. Dance. Love

In that order.


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