Friday, 7 September 2012

BLOG EXTRA - Sigara Boregi

How to make a delicious Turkish dish in the UK.

This is my favourite thing to make to take to BBQs. It is a cheese and pastry dish which can be eaten cold, but are best fresh out of the pan like pancakes. Makes twelve. 


Filo sheets
Feta cheese
Garlic (optional)
mixed herbs (optional)

***For a smoother filling, add and egg and mix more. I like chunky cheese filling, so I don't use the egg.***

1) Crumble the cheese in a large bowl.  

2) Chop the parsley up, quite small. 

3) Mix into the cheese. Add the mixed herbs and garlic and any other flavorings now. If you're using the egg, now is the moment. 

4) There are six sheets in a box of filo pastry. cut triangles out of the flattened six sheets to make twelve. 

5) Put a small sausage of filling onto the wide end of each pastry sheet. fold in the ends and roll towards the thin end. 

6) Seal the borek by dipping the point in water. 

7) Fry each one. You can use a deep fat fryer, or they can also be shallow fried. Cook until golden and crispy. Pat down with paper towels and serve. 

They will go quick! 

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